Activities to Enjoy in Kings Cross Neighbourhood

Kings Cross London

Tour of London by Hop-on Hop-off Bus, Including a River Cruise

Go on like an original on one of the city’s renowned double decker buses through the streets of London. Explore the historic landmarks and unique architecture of the city on foot, or take the River Thames tour boat to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the English capital. There are also Car rental kings cross services that you can use to reach here.

Take your seat in or out on the top deck of a double-decker bus and head off for your own free time to explore the city. You may jump on and off at world renowned locations including the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Abbey of Westminster. During the journey, you may also stay with the London Eye, the Riverfront House of Parliament and the beautiful St. Paul Cathedral. Use free Wi-Fi access and informative audio tours.

Enjoy the city skyline and hear online discussion about English history and humour in a relaxed journey on the Thames River. You may enjoy the city skyline in the city. Starting in Trafalgar Square, enjoy a guided, regal-themed hike.

Hop on, Hop off London Open Top Bus Tour

Take the best sites in London and beautiful areas from the open top of a comfortable double-decker bus.

Create a strategy of your own and explore the city on your own. You may either stay and see famous sites along the way, such as London Tower, Big Ben Abbey, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, all of which are on your bus. You can also take a bus or use Kings Cross to Gatwick Chauffeur services if your journey is from Gatwick Airport. Engaging in a discussion emphasises important aspects of the monuments of the city and offers a historical and historical context for the city.

Harry Potter Studio Tour at Warner Bros.

Harry Potter Studio TourYou will be entering Harry Potter’s world. See quirky sets and accessories that helped bring the Warner Bros films to life at the studio where Hogwarts and Diagon Avenue were built for the big screen. Enter the Great Hall and practise your favourite spells while entering the realm of witchcraft and evil.

The trip starts as you enter the portals of the Grand Hall. See the original performances of the actors and imagine what house you should join the Sorting Hat (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin). Replace your favourites in the genuine places of the common room in Gryffindor, Diagon Alley and the office in Dumbledore.

Find out the magic behind Harry’s cloak and the Secret Chamber by diving into the secrets and techniques used by the incredible team of special effects. Exteriorly, experience the peculiarity of a genuine night bus, drive a motorcycle from Hagrid, or spin around in Ford Anglia before you may have a pint of the most popular butterbeer drink in Hogsmeade.

Coming back inside, witness the painstaking effort to create lovely costumes and accessories, the art and technology behind weird and intriguing living beings such as Dobby the house-elf. You may further immerse yourself in the mystical world of Harry, Ron and Hermione with a realistic Hogwarts model. If you are a traveller in London, you can use any of Kings cross to Heathrow chauffeurs that are affordable and convenient to take you across.

London Eye Experience Tickets

You are thus far over the calm waters of the Thames, which provide an unprecedented view of the old monuments and structures of London. Take a pleasant journey through the British city from St. Paul’s Cathedral and Tower Bridge to the Tower of London.

Get a place in London Eye’s 4D film, start your journey. Keep flying above the city in the same chamber, the perfect introduction to the royal round in this pioneering multi-sensory filming experience packed with spectacular visual effects of wind, snow and fog.

Then one of the 32 glass-lined capsules of the London Eye is moved into the air and descends softly in a round motion, 135 metres (443 feet). See the calm waters of the Thames River, the renowned Big Ben which are readily recognisable by its gorge and its 4 chiming dials, and the neo-Gothic grandeur of the Parliament in the 19th century. Keep an eye on the Royal Standard flag that flies above Buckingham Palace and indicates the presence of the Queen. At the peak, you may see up to 40 kilometres if the skies are clear.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is a must-see for fans of the Harry Potter movie and book series. Explore the current sets for Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and Privet Drive film scenes. As you begin your Warner Bros. Guided study, dive into the amazing realm of magic, tricks and magic. Watch the splendid Great Hall for Gryffindor, as you study the Sorting Hat utilised in the first film to place pupils.

Take the Knight bus that Harry travels to the Azkaban prisoner or the Flying Ford Anglia to the Secret Chamber. Take a picture at 4 Privet Drive, followed by a sample of the excellent butterbeer outside Harry’s old home. Go to the newly refurbished platform 9 & frac33; to the steam engine of the Hogwarts Express and use cart luggage to disappear through the wall of the station.

Discover sets, costumes, and accessories that emphasise British art and state-of-the-art film production technology. See the closing of the trip by filming the wizard’s external scenes in a 1:24 scale Hogwarts replica. Take advantage of the careful complexities of the halls and grounds of the school to appreciate the effort and the real film magic that these great films have produced.

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