10 Best Things to Do in Kings Cross, London

10 Best Things to Do in Kings Cross, London

King Cross is one of London’s most gloomy and infamous neighbourhoods. With some large redevelopment money put into the neighbourhood in recent years. Kings Cross has changed itself and now boasts many exciting things to do.

This place is best known for its crowded railway terminals. That connects London to the rest of the country. There are many other things to perform in Kings Cross. That includes excellent clubs, music venues, and historical museums nearby. It has well-loved open areas and a lovely section of Regent’s Canal. It is a perfect destination in its own right.

It’s also becoming a tech hotspot, with Google and YouTube establishing offices here. Our tour will show you the most incredible things to do around Kings Cross. It is perfect for individuals of all ages and walking abilities.

Here are some of our most favourite activities to do in the area:

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4

As a result, you can’t visit KC without paying a visit to Kings Cross Station. If you’re a Harry Potter enthusiast, this is especially for you. As you may know, Harry would visit Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Train Station and travel to Hogwarts. There is a fantastic photo opportunity currently available near Kings Cross station that you shouldn’t miss.

Yard of Coal Drops

Yard of Coal Drops

The exceptional food and retail establishment is the perfect addition to Kings Cross. As a new shopping and dining destination set against the backdrop of refurbished railway arches. The neighbourhood, which opened in October 2018, comes alive at night. The employees leave neighbouring office buildings in search of one or three glasses.

Eateries in Kings Cross

In and around Kings Cross, there are many food and drink alternatives. Many of which are within a few minutes away from the main transit hubs. There are many tasty and well-reviewed eating alternatives besides the traditional food dining options like Wasabi, Tortilla, and Leon (for the lunch-time population).

Try German Gymnasium, a former gymnasium that now serves modern European cuisine and a good wine list. Kimchee is a South Korean-inspired restaurant. In contrast, Maple & Kings provides nutritious and large dishes. Hoppers, a Sri Lankan restaurant, is another spot.

Camden Market

Camden Market

Camden Market is known for its hip marketplaces, and the booths there are some of the best. Thousands of colourful and distinctive stalls sell a stunning variety of products. There is anything ranging from gemstone jewellery and quirky threads to second-hand books and English Breakfast tea. It also contains bohemian stall-holders selling a dazzling assortment of wares.

Attend a Magic Circle Performance

The Magic Circle is a well-known group globally, and it houses all magic’s secrets. It’s kept following lock and key with over 1,500 world-class magicians. It’s one of the perfect things to do in Kings Cross if you enjoy the magic.

Enjoy A High-End Afternoon Tea

Stop into the Fortnum & Mason Tea Salon if all the reading and curiosity have made you hungry. If you want to get into the British custom of tea and scones, this is one of the most perfect things to do in Kings Cross. This little salon is jam-packed with some of the finest British Afternoon Delights.

Take a look around the Gagosian Gallery

Suppose you’re looking for a relaxed afternoon of world-class art and culture. The Gagosian Gallery is the place to go. It’s one of the most incredible and perfect things to do in Kings Cross. If you’re an art fan, it’s located on Britannia Street. The Gagosian Gallery is now one of fifteen locations worldwide. And you may recognise it from other places like New York.

British Library

British Library

This one will make literature fans thrilled! The British Library, located near St Pancras Station, is a true book lover’s paradise. This labyrinthine location is free to explore. It contains over 170 million distinct objects. It ranges from relics dating back to the dawn of the written period to release times.

Check out the Hardy Tree

World-famous novelist Thomas Hardy plants the Hardy Tree. It is one of the most unusual sights to witness in Kings Cross. Hardy worked on the rails and displayed the hundreds of gravestones in a circle around an Ash Tree. It can still be seen today. It’s one of the most delicate things to do in Kings Cross if you’re looking for something a little unusual.

Watch the dancing fountains in Granary Square

Granary Square is a beautiful open-air plaza studded with elegant pubs and restaurants. It is a 6-minute stroll north of St Pancras and Kings Cross. Many visitors come to dine and drink. The square’s biggest draw is its magnificent array of fountains. A whopping 1080 jets dance to the pleasure of onlookers in an underwater choreography.


If you’re visiting London from another part of the country. Kings Cross is a fantastic place to visit once you’ve gotten off the train or before you head home.

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