Terms and Conditions


Car Hire Kings Cross is Imperial Chauffeurs Limited’s trading name. Imperial Chauffeurs Limited is a registered company in England and Wales with the registration number 9073365, the TFL Operator License number 00898402, and the VAT number 198227568. You agree to the Car Hire Kings Cross terms and conditions by using our services.

Car Hire Kings Cross retains the right to change the terms and conditions at any moment in order to improve quality. Information is subject to change, and new terms and conditions will be posted on the Car Hire Kings Cross’s home page within 14 days to notify users. Unless otherwise stated, the user agrees to comply with and be bound by the terms and conditions by continuing to use our website. The user is entirely responsible for the continued use of Car Hire Kings Cross services.

Please be aware that loud music is not permitted inside any of our vehicles. This is for your protection and to keep the chauffeur driving you from being distracted.

We do not allow alcohol drinking in our vehicles. Alcohol in the vehicles requires prior approval. Any damages caused by spilling on the seats or other vehicle surfaces are the responsibility of the Customer.

No narcotics are allowed under any circumstances. Any passenger who is under the influence of narcotics may be removed by our Chauffeur. Furthermore, no refunds will be given, and the buyer will be responsible for the entire trip.

Because all of our chauffeur services are pre-booked, the car may have another assignment waiting for it after the current journey. Hourly reservations may need additional time at the discretion of the chauffeur. To avoid any inconvenience, extra hours should be booked ahead of time.

Contract of Service and Offer Changes

All contract terms and restrictions apply to Car Hire Kings Cross’s arranged services.

  • Additional expenses, such as extra hours, additional stops, waiting time, car parking, and address changes, may be incurred after the booking and the start of the service, according to the most recent price structure.
  • All hourly rides must terminate in the same city as they began.
  • Users may select from a variety of car classes, including Business Class, Business Van, and Luxury Class, as well as Luxury SUV. Users can select vehicles from the Car Hire Kings Cross Vehicles page. The images on our Vehicle page are there to highlight the kind of cars we provide.
  • If the user has the option, he or she may choose to upgrade to a better class car. The Class upgrading is free if cars are available, but money for the various categories will be charged proportionately. You can contact Car Hire Kings Cross at any moment to address the situation.

Reservation times

For all vehicles (excluding the Rolls Royce Phantom), reservations must be made at least 60 minutes prior to the pickup time.

The booking time for a Rolls Royce Phantom must be at least 24 hours.

Reservation areas

Bookings in London must be made at least 60 minutes prior to the collection time.

Outside of London, but inside the United Kingdom, bookings must be made at least 6 hours prior to the pickup time.

Bookings made outside of the United Kingdom must be made at least 24 hours prior to the pickup time.

Please note that for correct fare computation, we require the whole address, including the postcode.

Crossing the English Channel

Customers paying for journeys to Europe will cover the expense of crossing the English Channel. Customers are also responsible for setting up Dock permissions.

Transportation security


Child seats must be requested in the comments box when booking for children, along with the age of the children and the type of seat required.

Conveyance of Animals

If the Customer want to bring animals on board, they must obtain prior authorization from the Car Hire Kings Cross and its partners before booking to ensure that they are ready to accept such a scenario. There will be no refusal of guide dogs. Car Hire Kings Cross’s chauffeurs have the right to refuse animals that were not agreed upon (with the exception of guiding dogs).

Passengers and luggage policy

All of our vehicle drawings depict the luggage capacity as well as the seating capacity. Any additional luggage will be paid separately when reserving on the Car Hire Kings Cross website, depending on space availability. Car Hire Kings Cross has the right to refuse any luggage that has not been agreed upon, may not fit in the car boot, or poses a safety risk.

Similarly, the vehicle’s seating capacity is displayed; any passenger not agreed upon during the booking may be rejected if space becomes scarce and safety is jeopardized.

Time Delays

Customers may be compensated to some amount under adverse weather conditions and some unavoidable events, such as extended wait periods. Customers who cancel at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances will receive a full refund (if accepted by the Customer).

We do not accept responsibility or pay compensation in the event of an unexpected traffic delay, road blockage, or other incidents that may result in financial loss for the customer, such as missing important meetings, hotel bookings, or flights, and Car Hire Kings Cross has no control over it due to unforeseen circumstances.

Penalties incurred as a result of consumer behavior

Customers will be charged for any penalties such as parking citations as a consequence of their fault or failure to get prior consent, such as building management special parking, etc.

Be aware of the dashboard camera

Car Hire Kings Cross Fleet vehicles are equipped with dashcams for passenger security and safety. Dashcams only record video footage. The microphone is turned off to protect the passengers’ privacy. If a client does not want the film to be captured, please let us know before the trip so we can turn it off.


Discount The vouchers on the website may only be used once and cannot be combined with other coupons.

Bookings made through a third-party website

Car Hire Kings Cross is not responsible for the websites of third-party ground transportation service providers. We only accept reservations made directly via the Car Hire Kings Cross website.

Vehicle Change

If the car is unavailable due to a sudden mechanical failure or other cause, we will send a vehicle of comparable class in its place.

No Shows

When the Customer fails to show up at the pickup place, the Customer’s service for the booked times is cancelled. This regulation may be waived if the Customer agrees to a later pickup time and notifies Car Hire Kings Cross.

No show cancellations in case of:

  • Transfer Services

A No Show is only considered if the Customer fails to show up at the pickup location 30 minutes after the scheduled pickup time without canceling. In the event of a no-show, the full cost of the Customer’s booked service must be paid. Wherever possible, there will be no additional waiting time charges.

When the Customer does not cancel 60 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup time, the pickup is considered a no show. Customers who have booked a service must pay in full in this situation; however, where possible, there will be no additional waiting time charges.

  • Less than one-hour hourly services

If the Customer fails to show up at the agreed-upon pickup time and location during the booked hours, it is considered a no show. In this case, the service for the booking must be paid in full. The Chauffeur will wait one hour, regardless of the number of hours reserved, and then leave, marking it as a no show.

When the Customer fails to show up for the scheduled hours after the agreed-upon pickup time and location, it is considered a no show. Wherever possible, the Customer’s booked service must be paid in full, with no additional waiting time charges.


Bookings may be canceled with a full refund if Car Hire believes that a booking cannot be performed due to an unexpected emergency for the driver, vehicle unavailability, or harsh weather conditions.

  • Transfer Services

Cancellations are free if the Car Hire Chauffeur has not yet left to pick up the Customer or if more than an hour has passed since the scheduled pickup time. Any subsequent no-shows will result in the full payment of the arrangement cost.

Cases when the client has canceled:

If the Car Hire Chauffeur has not yet started the travel to the pickup point, there will be no fee.

Before the driver clicks the 60-minute button, cancellations are free of charge.

  • Hourly Services

Cancellations are free if made at least 60 minutes before the agreed-upon pickup time, or if our chauffeur has not begun the on-route travel to pick you up.

Some locations are located outside of London and are not accessible via our website (near Heathrow Airport). Cancellations in such instances must be made before the chauffeur begins the on-route travel. For example, if a pick-up is from destination B and we are at A and it will take 3 hours to go to B, the trip must be canceled for more than 3 hours so that the driver does not use our system’s on-route option.

Cases when the client has canceled:

1 hour before the pickup time or before the driver selects the On-Route option for the travel, Business Class, Business Van, and 1st Class should be cancelled.

Luxury, SUV, and Elite class reservations must be cancelled 48 hours in advance of the scheduled pick-up time; otherwise, a fee will be levied.

If a driver cancels a ride, the Customer will not receive a cancellation message since the Customer will only see the details of the replacement driver who has accepted the job. (In all other circumstances, Car Hire’s customer service staff will contact the customer.)

Cancellations may be done over the phone, on the Car Hire website, or via the Customer booking app.

Modifications to the reservation

A change of destination can be made at any time throughout the journey. This will be forwarded to Car Hire for evaluation, and the additional kilometers will be charged appropriately.

In-Vehicle Behaviour

When traveling with Car Hire Fleet, all passengers must obey the following basic regulations and laws:

Car Hire Kings Cross is committed to provide a safe ride for all passengers (including young children and pets)

  • While the car is moving, the doors must stay closed.
  • Users are not permitted to hurl things from the vehicle.
  • Users are not permitted to remove body parts from the vehicle.
  • Users are not permitted to yell from the car.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the car.

Users may utilize Car Hire-provided devices after receiving brief training from a Car Hire Chauffeur.

If the distance or number of hours is fewer than what was initially scheduled, the price is unaffected once the passenger is on board and orders the adjustment.

By or towards you, any physical or verbal abuse, threat, sexual or other harassment

Car Hire employees will not be tolerated, and harsh measures will be taken against them. Any passenger suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose actions endanger the driver, the vehicle, or other passengers may be denied transportation.

Lost Property

Any things left in the vehicles will be returned to the Lost & Found department, which you may contact by phoning either your driver or the office phone. The Customer is responsible for all delivery costs, including transportation, courier, and so on. We do not, however, charge for the storage of the things.

Car Hire Chauffeur accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to luggage or anything carried in or on the automobile unless the loss or damage is caused by Car Hire Chauffeur’s carelessness.

Customers’ belongings are transported fully at their own risk, and ICL will not be held accountable for any loss or damage to such belongings.


If the hirer has a problem regarding the firm’s services, he or she should try to resolve it right away by enlisting the help of the driver or the firm. If this does not give a satisfactory resolution, complaints should be addressed in writing within 14 days of the hire’s termination date. All complaints will be acknowledged within 14 days, and a detailed response will be provided within 28 days.

Premiums and payments:

(a) Transfer Service Waiting Times

Only for transfer services, the first 60 minutes of waiting time after the specified pick-up time is free for airports, and clients receive 15 minutes of free waiting time for any other pickup. After the free waiting time has expired, any additional waiting periods will be charged at a flat fee for each minute, which will be calculated using the hourly booking fee of the agreed-upon pick-up location, as well as the vehicle category rate (including VAT).

(b) Extra Kilometers for Hourly Reservations

Car Hire and its partners have a set kilometer-per-hour pricing, and any additional kilometers beyond the hourly cost will be charged as extras and calculated using the hourly booking price of the agreed-upon pick-up region, which also includes the vehicle category fee (including VAT).

(c) Payment Terms and Transaction Fees

All major credit cards are accepted for payment by the customer. Payment will be collected as soon as the booking is complete, and any additional services added during the user’s journey will be deducted 24-48 hours after the trip is over.

(d) Invoice

When the user’s journey is completed (and no extras are added), an invoice is delivered to them, along with a review form that they may give back to us through email or on our social media channels. The invoice and evaluation form for journeys where the Customer has added extras will be provided within 24-48 hours of the travel completion.

(f) Credit Card Payments

The User is responsible for any charges incurred as a result of alternative currencies or local accounts.

If Car Hire detects anything unusual, clients must provide their credit card and ID.

Customer-caused vehicle damage

A valeting or repair charge will be applied to the credit or debit card given at the time of booking if the inside or outside of the vehicle is dirty or damaged by the client. If you refuse to pay for the harm you’ve caused, legal action will be pursued against you.

Injuries caused by chance

Car Hire is not liable for any injuries or damages caused by horses playing while the vehicle is moving or stopped.

COVID 19 Regulations

Car Hire adheres to TFL and government regulations to ensure passenger safety, and all of our vehicles are disinfected before and after each trip, as well as all contact points. Passengers in the Car Hire fleet are expected to follow local government regulations for their own safety and health. A face mask is an absolute must. Because of the social distance, our chauffeurs will not contact customers directly.

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